Mobile apps made easy for 5+ million PHP developers. Finally. 

With PHAP, you can write your mobile apps entirely in PHP and share the same code on iOS, Android and Windows Phones. 

PHP is the best language for mobile
app development 

Less Typing – PHP infers types in run-time, giving developers more freedom in less keystrokes. Furthermore, weak typing guarantees that you do not have to cast when using collections and other complex types.

Simple & Safe – Synchronous programming keeps apps simpler and safer. In Objective-C, Swift and Java, asynchronous programming is very error-prone and requires callbacks. Synchronous nature of PHP makes bug-free developing a breeze.

First Class Functions – In Java for Android, there are no lambdas. In Objective-C for iOS, lambdas are hard. In PHP, lambdas are super simple, making functional programmers feel right at home. 

HTML is the simplest way to build
user interfaces 

HTML/CSS – PHAP apps use HTML5 and CSS3 to enable the best possible experience on every platform. Most likely, you already have the necessary knowledge.

Reuse Existing Designs – build your own app today by leveraging your existing HTML/CSS design code. Why spending top dollar on wireframes when you can create your design in technologies you already know?

PHAPJS – we have developed custom Javascript wrapper to make it easy for you to seamlessly transform your existing Javascript functionality into the PHAP apps. Power of Javascript finally comes to the world of PHP!

There are tons of existing libraries 

Composer – PHAP apps use Composer for managing internal and external dependencies. Additionally, you can choose from over 38,000 existing PHP libraries. 

Testing made easy 

PHPUnit – preferred programmer-oriented unit testing framework for PHAP apps. Squash all those ugly bugs with ease!

IDE download (coming soon) 

PHAP Studio based on Eclipse PDT. Develop on either Mac or Windows. 

Sample apps (coming soon) 

PhappyBird - implementation of the famous game using PHAP. Cross-platform. 

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